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Who is RPF jawan Chetan Singh, Why he killed muslim passengers in the train?

07:48 PM Jul 31, 2023 IST | Ground Report
who is rpf jawan chetan singh  why he killed muslim passengers in the train

A Railway Protection Force (RPF) jawan, identified as Chetan Singh, was arrested for shooting dead four people on a moving train Monday, including his senior. The Railway Police stated that Singh killed his superior first and then indiscriminately fired at other passengers, resulting in the tragic deaths of three individuals on the Jaipur-Mumbai train.

The incident involved a Railway Protection Force (RPF) officer, Chetan Singh, who fired 12 rounds from his automatic service weapon aboard the Jaipur-Mumbai Central Superfast Express, fatally shooting his superior. , Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Tikaram Meena, and three other passengers, identified as Abdul Kadir, Asgar Kai and an unidentified person.


Who is Chetan Singh

Singh hails from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh, while ASI Tikaram Meena was from Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan and was due to retire in 2025. He had previously been posted in Gujarat. He was assigned to Mumbai recently.

The Railways has announced compensation of ₹25 lakh for Meena's family, along with additional assistance of ₹15 lakh. The relatives of the other victims will also be compensated.


RPF officer shoots passengers, superior

After the shooting, Singh, 33, tried to escape by pulling the train's alarm chain and getting off at Borivali. However, he later turned himself in at the Bhayandar police station and was arrested by the railway police. The incident reportedly stemmed from an argument that escalated into a communal altercation.

Victims are Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Tikaram Meena, Abdul Kadir, Asgar Kai, a bangle seller from Jaipur, and Mohammed Hussain in the pantry car


The tragic event unfolded around 5 am as the train was approaching Vaitarna railway station, nearly two hours from Mumbai. Singh fired 12 rounds from his rifle, while ASI Tkaram Meena also fired 10 rounds from his pistol before succumbing to gunfire.

According to authorities, Singh suffered from mental health problems and had recently returned from leave. RPF (Western Railway) Inspector General Praveen Sinha revealed that Singh had a short fuse and easily lost his temper, leading to the unfortunate spate of gunfire.


The RPF constable Chetan Singh was seen standing near the lifeless body of a Muslim man after shooting him, making disturbing remarks. He allegedly stated, "Pakistan se operate hue hain, tumhari media, Yahi desh ki media ye khabrein dikha Rahi hai, Pata chal raha hai unko, sab pata chal raha hai, inke aaqa hai wahan. Agar Hindustan me rehna hai, toh mai kehta hun, Modi aur Yogi, ye do hain, aur aapke Thakrey."

RPF Inspector General Pravin Sinha said that Constable Chetan Singh, who was short-tempered, shot his senior ASI Tika Ram and then randomly fired upon people. Sinha affirmed that there had not been any complaint of him being upset or anything else.

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