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Who is Sanjay Soni sold lingerie data of 15 lakh hindu women on internet?

05:26 PM Jun 06, 2023 IST | groundreportdesk
who is sanjay soni sold lingerie data of 15 lakh hindu women on internet

In a shocking development, Sanjay Soni, a well-known Hindutva social media influencer, has been arrested by the Rajasthan police in Udaipur in connection with the data breach case. Soni has been accused of leaking women's private data, engaging in extortion and plotting a community conspiracy following the leak of data from the Reliance-owned underwear brand.

Steals data from Zivame

On May 16, Soni, who uses the Twitter handle @Cyber_Huntss, claimed on Twitter that the data of Zivame's 1.5 million Indian customers had been leaked and was being sold to Islamic and Muslim countries.


The original screenshot shared by Soni on May 16 contained censored personal details of only two women, whom he claimed were Hindu. He tagged BJP leader Kapil Mishra and wrote,

"Dear @Zivame, details of 1.5 million Hindu girls have been compromised including names, phone numbers, addresses and order details. And all these details have already been shared with Muslims. Do you want the girls Hindus are affected by your lack of security? servers? Defenders on my list below, can you make a case against @Zivame? They have compromised the data of Hindu girls. I am posting a sample screenshot. It will not help you stay sure now that the details have already been published in various mainstream Muslim groups…"


He asked for $500 in cryptocurrency as a ransom instead of the hacked data1. The police arrested Soni on May 31 after Zivame alerted the Rajasthan police about the matter1. It has yet to be determined if Sanjay Soni was directly involved in the hacking or if he was simply involved in buying and selling Zivame2 user data.


Who is Sanjay Soni?

Sanjay Soni bachelor's degree in computer applications from a private university in Udaipur. He has also gained work experience in the Gulf countries over a period of 3 years.


Upon returning to India, he began presenting himself as a Hindutva nationalist and activist on various online platforms. It is worth noting that Sanjay Soni is reported to be involved in at least four criminal cases, including cases in Lucknow and Rajasthan.

Data breach includes Hindu-Muslim girls

According to The Wire news, the Rajasthan Police have arrested Sanjay Soni (@Cyber_Huntss) for alleged data theft, outrage of religious sentiments and promotion of inter-group enmity. The article also states that the data of 1,500 Zivame users was being sold on a Telegram channel called Shadowhacker Leaks and a website called

The leaked data included not only Hindu girls but also Muslim girls. In the same data sample, there were at least 100 other names belonging to Muslim and Sikh people, along with other private details.

The complaint alleges that “On the date of 04.24.2023, a hacker contacted our company email ID,, from email ID, stating that they had hacked our server and stole the data of approximately 1.5 million customers out of a total of 9.2 million customers.”

The leak has exposed predominantly women's personal information, including names, emails, and phone numbers.

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