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Why Sohit Mishra quit NDTV?

11:42 PM Sep 11, 2023 IST | Ground Report
why sohit mishra quit ndtv

NDTV’s Mumbai bureau chief Sohit Mishra has resigned from his position after he allegedly refused to create a disturbance at a press conference of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday, according to a report by Newslaundry.

The press conference was about the alleged links between the Adani Group, one of India’s largest conglomerates, and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Gandhi had claimed that a trail of shell companies linked Adani to the Taliban and accused the Modi government of being complicit in the deal.


Newslaundry quoted an unnamed source who stated that Mishra's elders had instructed him to disrupt the press conference and pose provocative questions to Gandhi. The source said that Mishra declined to do so and decided to quit instead.

The source also stated that Mishra believed NDTV's editorial policies exhibited bias toward the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and expressed dissatisfaction with them.


Mishra's email stated, "Whatever I have become in life today is only and only because of NDTV. This channel and all of you gave me a lot of love. Everyone treated me as their younger brother and helped me, called me and praised my stories, played them again and again and also encouraged me to do better work."


He also took the opportunity to acknowledge the unsung heroes behind the scenes, highlighting the dedication of Mumbai Bureau's cameramen, producers, and support staff. Mishra noted their commitment, often travelling long distances to ensure quality news coverage.


However, Mishra expressed concerns about the changing landscape at NDTV, indicating a shift in the channel's editorial policies and its apparent reluctance to confront powerful interests. He described a sense of fear that seemed to have permeated the newsroom, limiting the channel's ability to maintain its journalistic integrity.

He intended to resign on August 31, but HR made September 8 his last day at NDTV. Mishra's departure reflects his disillusionment with the channel's evolving ethos, no longer aligned with his cherished values and principles.

As Mishra bids farewell to NDTV, he leaves behind a legacy of exemplary journalism and a deep sense of gratitude for his colleagues and mentors. He concluded his email with a poignant message to the channel, saying, "There will be no less lovers, but we will not be in your party."

Mishra joined NDTV in 2017, covered, won awards

Mishra had joined NDTV in 2017 and had covered various stories, including the farmers’ protests, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Maharashtra political crisis. He had also won several awards for his reporting.

Mishra’s resignation is another setback for NDTV, which has been facing criticism for its coverage of various issues, such as the Rafale deal, the Pegasus spyware scandal, and the Kashmir situation. The channel has also been accused of being under pressure from the government and the Adani Group, which are both facing allegations of corruption and cronyism.

Additionally, Sohit Mishra has started his own YouTube channel, where he uploads videos on various topics, such as politics, social issues, and entertainment. He has two channels: one is called Sohit Mishra and the other is called Sohit Mishra Official. He also has a Twitter account, where he posts updates on his work and opinions.

Who is Sohit Mishra?

Sohit Mishra is a journalist who was the Mumbai bureau chief of NDTV, a leading news channel in India. He resigned from his post in September 2023 after he allegedly refused to create a ruckus at a press conference of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Sohit had joined NDTV in 2017 and had covered various stories, including the farmers’ protests, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Maharashtra political crisis. He had also won several awards for his reporting.

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