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'Liverpool City Centre Sex Video’ Photos released

12:11 PM Jan 12, 2023 IST | Ground report
 liverpool city centre sex video’ photos released

A woman has been charged with outraging public decency after a video of two people having sex in a city center square was widely shared on social media. A man who was caught on camera performing sexual acts with a woman in Concert Square has been identified by his own girlfriend.

Joe Firby, 23, from Gateshead, engaged in sexual acts with Kelly Cousins after meeting the 35-year-old woman at the gym and going on a date with her in Liverpool city center where they both drank heavily, the night of August 1, 2022.


The couple was performing O*al s*% in Public.

Merseyside Police said the footage showed a couple in Liverpool’s Concert Square and was shared on Tuesday.


He said a 35-year-old Bootle woman had been charged and was due to appear before Liverpool magistrates on September 20.

The force has asked anyone with information about the man in the footage to get in touch.


Joe Firby told court he had ‘nothing to say

Firby, who has no prior convictions, appeared today (January 11) for sentencing at Sefton Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to outlawing public decency in December.

When asked by the court if he wanted to say anything in his defense, he replied: ‘I have nothing to say.’


He was sentenced to a 12-month community order and ordered to do 120 hours of unpaid work. He must also pay court costs of £120 and a surcharge of £114.

Photos of this couple released

Photos of Liverpool couple having sex in the city center
Kelly Cousins and Joe Firby have been charged with outraging public decency

Video of the couple having sex in Concert Square went viral last week, and the woman involved is believed to be an Only Fans star.

The incident prompted Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson to express her ‘extreme shock and concern’ over videos of public sexual activity in the city being shared on social media.

‘This is not fun, it is disturbing, harmful and an illegal act,’ she said in a statement on social media. “It also sets a dangerous precedent for the young people of all genders of our city.”

However, an opinion in the city was divided on the incident with some people in the comments suggesting that city leaders should focus on issues ‘that can make a real difference’ such as knife crime and the state of roads.

However, Merseyside Police confirmed that they were taking the incident, and any others like it, very seriously.

Detective Inspector Neil Dillon said: “This swift arrest shows that such behaviour simply will not be tolerated on Merseyside.

‘I would continue to urge people to refrain from sharing the video on social media and instead report anything you know to us directly, so we can take action.’

Investigating video footage

Now Superintendent Diane Pownall, from the Merseyside Police Liverpool community policing team, has also shared a strong statement about the incident. She told ECHO: ‘We are investigating video footage circulating on social media showing two people having sex in a public place in Liverpool city center. We believe the footage was taken in Concert Square and we are conducting thorough investigations, including working with our partners, to establish exactly when the incident occurred.

‘We urge people to refrain from sharing the video on social media and instead tell us anything they know about the video or those involved, so we can investigate.’

‘Merseyside Police will not tolerate unlawful acts of public indecency on our streets and rest assured we are working to find those responsible and bring them to justice. Throughout the year we work tirelessly with local businesses, Liverpool City Council and other partners to make sure our downtown is a safe place for people to come visit us and experience our nightlife.

‘We are clear that we will not allow such unacceptable behaviour by a small minority of people to tarnish the reputation of our city, so please come forward with any information and we will take action.’

The videos began circulating on social media early Tuesday and drew reactions ranging from amusement to disgust, with commenters calling the woman a ‘concert plaza girl.’ The couple didn’t seem fazed as members of the public came over and began filming on their phones.


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