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Man allegedly kidnapped, Raped by four girls in Punjab

09:15 PM Nov 23, 2022 IST | greport2018
man allegedly kidnapped  raped by four girls in punjab

In a shocking incident, a man claimed he was kidnapped and raped by four girls. According to the information, no complaint has been filed against the accused. The victim works as a labourer in a leather factory.

Recounting the incident, the victim reportedly revealed that while he was returning from the factory upon her arrival, four girls came up from behind while riding in a car and asked for directions.


He further added that they then handed him a ticket and while he was looking at it, the girls threw something into his eyes that knocked him out. Shortly after this, the accused forced him into the car and then blindfolded him and also tied his hand.

According to him, his wife asked him not to make the complaint since she came back alive and that is what the family cared about, the report said.


Four girls kidnap man

The man alleged that the kidnapping was carried out for sexual reasons. On his way home on Monday, a white car stopped near him on the Kapurthala road in which 4 girls were sitting.


The girl who was driving the car asked her for an address written on a piece of paper that she gave her. As soon as she started looking at the paper, the girl allegedly sprayed something in her eyes, after which she couldn’t see anything of it and eventually passed out.


Then, when he regained consciousness, he was sitting with them in the car, blindfolded and his hands tied behind his back.


After this, the girls took him to an unknown place where they supposedly drugged him. He claimed that they were drinking alcohol and they forced him to drink as well.

After this, the four took turns raping him, the man claimed. Later, around 3 AM, the girls left there, leaving him blindfolded and his hands tied.

According to the victim’s statements, they were all between 22 and 23 years old and belonged to a good family. He even said that all four of them were speaking in English, which reveals that they were educated. When asked why he did not register a complaint, he stated that his family asked him not to do so since they do not want to fall into any other problem.

We inform you that no case is registered as such. All this information is claimed by the victim in an interview conducted by Dainik Sawera.


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