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01:05 PM Oct 22, 2022 IST | pallavvjain
marriage saving tips from couples who planned themselves

Congrats if you’re getting married. An exciting and challenging adventure is about to begin for you. Furthermore, even if there are numerous factors to consider, marriage saving tips is one of the most crucial. Couples with experience in these situations have provided the following advice:

1. Set your Budget:


Specify a spending limit and abide by it. Before you begin preparing, it’s crucial to estimate how much money you have available. To avoid any surprises later on, once you have a price in mind, let all of your suppliers know about it.

2. Placing a priority


You and your future spouse may need to set priorities when totalling the expenses. Make a list of all the things you want to spend money on, even if they seem unnecessary. Then, go back over the list and separate the items that are a must from those you can do without affecting the big day.

If you are having difficulties staying within your budget, consider whether you can save money by handling some of the charges yourself. You may be able to keep costs by crafting your wedding favours or table centrepieces rather than purchasing them. Alternatively, you may spend less on the rehearsal supper by having a backyard BBQ or potluck instead of sending your guests to a pricey restaurant.


3. Select the ideal location 

One of the highest wedding costs is often the location. It is a good idea to reserve one place for all of the wedding events as there are generally many of them. By doing this, you may bargain for substantial reductions on the location. Additionally, it reduces the expense of transportation for every visitor. Pick a place outside the city since it will be much less expensive than a luxurious 5-star hotel in the middle of the town. A stunning site can also help you avoid spending extra money on wedding decorations.


4.  Select simple invites and décor

Because of the minimalist trend, less is more when it comes to wedding decorations and invites. Nowadays, the standard is the standard for personalized invitations, e-invitations, or wedding videos that cost a specific price to create and can be sent to as many people as wanted. When you use technology effectively, printing, shipping, and courier expenses are also gone. 

5. Ask for discounts:

 Never hesitate to ask retailers for discounts or coupons. Working with couples on a limited budget is welcomed by many companies. Shopping around and comparing pricing when it comes to suppliers pays off. Do not be reluctant to haggle; most suppliers will agree to an agreement with you in exchange for your business. Your choice of time and date should be flexible. You could get significant savings if you’re prepared to be relaxed about getting married. If you’re willing to have your wedding during the week or the winter, you might save a ton of money since many venues provide discounts for off-peak seasons and dates.

Make your priorities clear. Ultimately, your wedding should express your connection and sense of style, not what’s popular on social media or in publications. Spend your money on the things that matter most—the catering, the flowers, or the photographer. Doing this makes your wedding a priceless celebration of your love without going over budget.

6. Consider getting married off-season

During the off-season, hotels, resorts, and banquet facilities offer steep discounts. Therefore, it would be a great idea to save money and get married now. Additionally, you may save more money if you can have your wedding on a weekday rather than a weekend.


Even though not every wedding needs to be beautiful, every love story is. Try using these marriage saving tips from couples who planned their weddings without sacrificing the essentials. It’s important to remember that getting married is about you and your spouse, not about making an impression on guests. It’s crucial to start your Marriage off on the proper foot since it is ultimately what matters the most. To avoid being too stressed, remember that life is more exciting because of defects than when everything is flawless. Although organizing a wedding may be time-consuming, it also offers a beautiful chance to strengthen your relationship with your significant other and create something extraordinary. Making your ideal wedding a reality requires a little preparation and consideration. All the best! 

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