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Military expansion increasing risk of conflict between India-China

12:31 PM Mar 09, 2023 IST | Ground Report
military expansion increasing risk of conflict between india china

The ‘expanded military postures’ of India and China along the disputed border increase the risk of an armed confrontation between the two nuclear powers, the US said in its annual Threat Assessment report.

Such a conflict could pose ‘direct threats’ to American individuals and interests, the report said, adding that the potential confrontation requires US intervention.


According to the US Intelligence Report, this could involve direct threats to US individuals and interests and calls for US intervention. The report says India-China relations will remain tense after the lethal clash of countries in 2020, the most serious in decades.

Defense intelligence services recently issued a strong warning for formations to ensure troops are not using Chinese mobile phones amid the ongoing military stalemate with China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).


The relationship between India and China has been strained in recent years, with both countries having competing interests in several areas, including border disputes, trade, and geopolitics.

There have been several incidents of border clashes between the two countries, including a deadly clash in June 2020 that resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers.


While the risk of armed conflict between India and China cannot be ruled out entirely, it is important to note that both countries have also engaged in diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions and improve relations.

Both sides have also expressed a commitment to resolving their disputes through peaceful means.


Malware and spyware on mobile phones

‘Formations and units should sensitize their personnel through various ways and channels to be careful with such (Chinese) mobile phone devices,’ the notice issued by defense intelligence agencies said.

In the notice seen by ANI, the military spy agencies called on the formations to ‘dissuade troops and their families from buying or using phones from countries hostile to India.’

The forces issued the notice as there have been cases where agencies have allegedly found malware and spyware on mobile phones of Chinese origin, the sources said.

Spy agencies have asked units and formations to ‘transition to other phones versus the phones’ mentioned in the list attached to the notice.

Chinese mobile phones available in the country’s commercial market include Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, One Plus, Honor, Real Me, ZTE, Gionee, ASUS, and Infinix.

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