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MPs unite across party lines to combat air pollution

05:45 PM Mar 27, 2023 IST | Ground Report
mps unite across party lines to combat air pollution

A group of parliamentarians from various political parties and provinces in India have joined forces to tackle the issue of air pollution through the Parliamentarians Group for Clean Air (PGCA).

The non-partisan group consists of 35 MPs who aim to raise awareness and take corrective action regarding air pollution, recognizing the public health threat it poses.


In collaboration with the Swaniti Initiative, a social enterprise that works to improve public service delivery across South Asia, PGCA recently held a two-day clean-air workshop in Gurugram.

The workshop was attended by several MPs, who participated in discussions with sector experts and released a Compendium on Air Pollution, outlining the effects of air pollution on human health and discussing a charter of demands to be addressed by participating parliamentarians.


The Swaniti Initiative served as the secretariat for the PGCA and worked with various organizations to create a set of Monitoring Indicators to help parliamentarians monitor air quality programs in their respective constituencies and support government efforts to improve air quality.


MPs address air pollution concerns

Gaurav Gogoi, the Convener of the Parliamentarians Group for Clean Air (PGCA), emphasized the need for collective action on air pollution during the Clean Air Workshop conducted by the Swaniti Initiative under PGCA’s guidance.


He expressed hope for more initiatives to tackle the growing concern of air pollution and ensure a healthy future for citizens.


On the first day of the workshop, Members of Parliament participated actively and shared their insights on various topics in the presence of sector experts.

The second day saw the release of the Compendium on Air Pollution and the discussion of a charter of demands by participating parliamentarians.

The Compendium, created in collaboration with various experts, includes Monitoring Indicators that will help MPs monitor air quality programs in their constituencies and strengthen government efforts.

Clean Air workshop achievements summary

The compendium contains 14 monitoring groups, each providing actionable indicators to enable parliamentarians to monitor air quality programs in their respective constituencies and strengthen government efforts.

The monitoring groups cover various aspects such as Air Quality Monitoring, Road Dust and Construction Activities, Open Garbage Burning, Industrial Air Pollution Control, and others.

The charter focuses on integrating air quality with public health in policy matters, setting up appropriate infrastructure in both rural and urban areas to better capture pollutants, adopting an airshed approach at the municipal or city level, promoting international cooperation to reduce the effects of transboundary air pollution, and encouraging partnerships between industries and government to adopt clean air initiatives.

Overall, the launch of these two documents is a positive step towards achieving the goal of clean air through cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders at the national and regional level.

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