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Muslims Can Offer Namaz In Gurugram Gurdwara

10:45 AM Nov 18, 2021 IST | Ground report
muslims can offer namaz in gurugram gurdwara

Ground Report | New Delhi: Namaz In Gurugram Gurdwara; Amidst the ever-increasing politics and controversy over offering prayers in the open in Gurugram, a local association of Gurudwaras has announced the opening of the doors of the Gurudwara for worship. Due to protests from some right-wing organizations and some local people for the last few weeks, permission has been canceled for most of those places where earlier Friday prayers were allowed. In such a situation, a local Gurdwara Sangh has announced that they will allow Friday prayers in the Gurudwara.

There are five Gurdwaras under Gurdwara Singh Sabha Committee of Gurugram. One Gurdwara is in Sadar Bazar Sabzi Mandi, one in Sector 39 near Medanta, one in Sector 46, one in Jacobpura and one in Model Town. The committee says that they will seek permission from the administration so that Muslims can be allowed to offer Namaz in the Gurdwara. Committee member Harry Sindhu said that it is very sad that Muslims are being opposed to offering Namaz in the open.


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The doors of our Gurudwara are always open to all. If Muslims are finding it difficult to find a place for their prayers, then we welcome them. They come to the Gurudwara and offer prayers. He said, although each gurdwara can accommodate thousands of people at a time, they will only allow small groups under the corona rules. (Namaz In Gurugram Gurdwara)


On Friday, out of 37 places where Namaz was allowed in the city, the permission of many places was revoked. Now only 20 places are allowed to offer Namaz in the open. This was done after protests by some organizations and local people. After the announcement of Gurdwara Committee, Muslim Rashtriya Manch President Khurshid Razaka said that he welcomes the announcement of Gurdwara Committee.


He said, ‘Everyone should take inspiration from the Sikh community and also come forward to help the followers of other religions so that they can offer their prayers according to their religion without any hindrance.’ Razaka further said that there have been many such cases in the past, when Muslims have offered prayers at a religious place of another community.


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Altaf Ahmed, co-founder of Gurugram Muslim Council and Gurugram Nagrik Ekta Manch, says that he and other Muslims along with him welcome this proposal of the Gurdwara Committee. He said that this is a true example of brotherhood. Where people of different religions come together and stand against those who sabotage in the name of religion.

Earlier a Hindu man had also offered to offer Namaz at a small business place. Altaf Ahmed says that he is sure that in the coming times more and more people from other communities will come forward and also give their personal space so that Muslims can offer 30-minute prayers on Friday.

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