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Name of Delhi capitals player misbehaved with a woman at franchise party

07:31 PM Apr 27, 2023 IST | Ground report
name of delhi capitals player misbehaved with a woman at franchise party

A Delhi Capitals (DC) player allegedly behaved inappropriately towards a woman during a team party. In response to the incident, the franchise has implemented a ‘Code of Conduct’ for its players.

Players are prohibited from bringing acquaintances into their rooms after 10 p.m. and must inform team officials if they plan to leave their hotel room.


According to a report by Indian Express, the Delhi Capitals franchise has implemented a Code of Conduct to maintain its public image.

The report states that players can no longer bring acquaintances into their rooms after 10 p.m. m. and they must entertain their guests in the restaurant or cafeteria of the team hotel. Players must also inform franchise officials when they plan to leave their hotel to meet someone.


The report claims that the notice was shared with the players after their win against Hyderabad Sunrisers on Monday and any violation of the code can result in a fine or even contract termination.

Delhi Capitals have not revealed the name of the player involved in the recent misconduct incident at the franchise party.


Delhi Capitals ‘Code of Conduct’

  • No acquaintances in rooms beyond 10 PM.
  • Photo identification and permission from IPL team integrity officer are needed to allow acquaintances.
  • Players are to inform the franchise when leaving the team hotel.
  • Wives and girlfriends are allowed but at their own expense.
  • Players are to inform franchise officials before their family members join the contingent.
  • All players are to mandatorily attend franchise functions.
  • Any breach could lead to a fine or termination of the contract.

The Delhi Capitals have allowed players’ wives and girlfriends to travel with the team. However, players must cover the travel expenses of the same and must give advance notice when they will join the contingent. Players must also inform team officials when leaving the hotel to meet someone.

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