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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Wife accuses him of rape, A complete story

06:49 PM Feb 24, 2023 IST | Ground report
nawazuddin siddiqui’s wife accuses him of rape  a complete story

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife, Aaliya Siddiqui, shared a new video in which she revealed that she had filed a rape complaint against her actor husband.

Aaliya also accused him of trying to ‘steal’ her children by filing a custody case against her in court. As the controversy escalates, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya breaks down in the video she shared on Instagram.


Aaliya Shares video

Aaliya said in the video about Nawazuddin, ‘Jisne na kabhi bacho ko mehsoos hi nahi kiya, na pet me aur na hone ke baad mehsoos kiya… usko yeh nahi pata bache kaise bade ho gaye… isko kuch nahi pata, woh bacho ko mujhse cheen ke aaj apne power se ye dikhana chahta hai ki wo bahut acha baap hai. Woh acha baap nahi, buzdil baap hai ki ek maa se uske bache cheen raha hai… apni power ko misuse kar raha hai (This man has never been a father to our children, before or after their birth. He has no idea how the kids grew up, but today he wants to steal them from me to show that he is a good father. He is not a good father, but a coward as he wishes to steal a mother’s children from her by misusing his power)…’

“A great actor who often tries to be a great human being! His heartless mother who calls my innocent child illegitimate and this poor man remains silent. A rape complaint (with evidence) was filed against him at the Versova police station yesterday. happens, I will not let my innocent children fall into these heartless hands,” her Hindi-written caption of the Instagram post read.

Nawaz never respected or loved me as his wife

Aaliya further claims that Nawaz never respected or loved her as his wife. She says, “I gave you the most important years of my life. I am already facing financial loss and it has made me weak in all ways. The fame went to his head. My son does not even know the love of a father because he has always seen only one child. But I have full confidence in the law and the courts that the outcome will be in my favor’.


Earlier in a video, Aaliya claimed that she was harassed by her ex-husband and his family members in their own house. She showed inside a room and alleged that family members confined her to that room without food or sleep. She said she was made to live in this small room in her own house as part of the punishment for talking when her children decided not to leave her there after arriving from Dubai.


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