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New Vehicle Registration Series - BH Bharat Series

06:07 PM Aug 29, 2021 IST | Ground Report
new vehicle registration series   bh bharat series

Ground Report | New Delhi: New Vehicle Registration Series; The Ministry of Road Transport has started a new registration chain for the smooth transfer of personal vehicles between states. The Ministry has notified the new registration mark Bharat Series (BH-Series) under this arrangement. Under this arrangement, vehicle owners on shifting from one State/UT to another State/UT will not be required to register afresh.

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New Vehicle Registration Series

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said in a statement on Saturday, ‘This facility is available on a voluntary basis to those employees of Defense Personnel, Central Government / State Government, Central / State Public Sector Undertakings and private sector companies or organizations under the Bharat Series.

The registration mark of the BH series shall be YY BH XX. YY shall mean the year of first registration. BH will be the code for the Bharat series. BH will be followed by a four-digit number and XX will be a two-letter.


Ministry has introduced a new registration mark Bharat Series for registration of new vehicles vide notification issued on 26th August 2021. The owners of vehicles bearing this registration mark will not be required to register afresh on relocation to another state.


The ministry also said that this facility would be available to defense personnel on a voluntary basis. Employees of Central and State Government and Central and State Public Sector Undertakings will also be able to avail this service. Along with these, private sector companies having their offices in 4 or more states or union territories.


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Steps to register a vehicle:

  • Step 1: The vehicle owner will apply for a new plate at the original RTO of vehicle purchase and provide a government-issued ID to prove employment.
  • Step 2: Owners will pay road tax only for 2 years or in multiples of two, such as 4 years or 6 years, depending on the length of their tenure in the state where the car is purchased.
  • Step 3: Earlier, a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the parent state was required to assign a new registration mark in another state. With the new BH series and no state is involved, no NOC is required and the owner can directly apply for re-registration in the new state.
  • Step 4: The tax of the said state will now be applicable and the owner can wait for the end of the previous tenure for fresh registration.
  • Step 5: However, if the new owner fails to renew the RC within the said time limit, fine as per MV Act will be applicable if the traffic police ever seize the vehicles.
  • Step 6: If the owner wants to pay the road tax of the new state and there is still time left from the previous state then the refund is also applicable. In that case, an application has to be filed for refund of road tax in the state of origin

What Will Be The Cost?

According to the notification, at the time of registration of BH-series non-transport vehicles, a motor vehicle tax of eight percent on vehicles up to Rs 10 lakh will be levied by the states/UTs. 

This tax will be 10 percent on vehicles of 10 to 20 lakh rupees, 12 percent on vehicles above 20 lakh rupees. Two percent additional duty will be charged on diesel vehicles. On the other hand, electric vehicles will attract two percent less duty.

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