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Who is Stefanos Tsitsipas, and know all about his girlfriend?

03:34 PM Jan 29, 2023 IST | pallavvjain
who is stefanos tsitsipas  and know all about his girlfriend

Lawn Tennis’ first grand slam of the year is underway i.e. Australian Open. We have seen Indian Tennis star Sania Mirza’s farewell speech as well. Although, everyone awaits the men’s final between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Novak Djokovic. There is a lot at stake for both players. But, while the fans are fetching records that can be broken in this final. On the other side, people are gushing over Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas and his girlfriend.

Life, in brief

A 24-year-old Greek player is making headlines since his teenage. Most people anticipate him to be the next star player in the world of tennis, if he isn’t already some. He was born in Athens, to a greek father, and a Russian mother. Both his parents were professional tennis players.


People see a lot of similarities between his gameplay and the GOAT Swiss player Roger Federer. The greek attacks with his aggressive play, and likes to dominate the game.


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Stefanos Tsitsipas’s girlfriend

Theodora Petalas and the greek tennis player have been dating for two-three years, as confirmed by the player itself. Furthermore, they were introduced by mutual friends in New York, US. Theodora was living there at that time. 


Furthermore, they liked each other and kept in touch. She has moved to London, as she works as Marketing Communications Specialist for More Than Health AG. The player said, “‘it’s a little difficult for us because she lives in London. But thankfully it hasn’t brought us to extremes.”


People are eyeing the grand slam finals, as the winner be the world’s new no.1 men’s tennis player. That would be an incredible feature for the 24-year-old greek star. While, for Novak would be returned to the spot that he truly deserves, and dominated for years. Although, the greek player lost to the same player in the French Open’s final as well.

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