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When Nation is changing DP, Tribals drinking polluted water in Jharkhand

11:46 PM Aug 03, 2022 IST | pallavvjain
when nation is changing dp  tribals drinking polluted water in jharkhand

Tribals are forced to drink contaminated water in Duwaria village of Dumka district of Jharkhand. The hand pump was installed by the government here 25 years ago, which is now damaged. Every year the villagers have been getting this hand pump fixed. But now it requires major repair, which villagers can’t afford.

This situation is when the country is celebrating 75 years of independence and is busy putting the tricolor in the DP.


Tribal Army has shared a video on Twitter in which people of Duwaria village in Jharkhand are filling water from a river whose water appears to be contaminated. But the villagers have no other source of water other than this.

Story of Duwaria, Jharkhand

This village is situated just five kilometers away from the block headquarter. There are about 110 houses here. There are a total of three tolas in this village including Gada Tola, Tala Tola, and Pradhan Tola located far away. The number of houses in these are 46, 40 and 24 respectively. There is a serious problem with drinking water in these villages.


Fulmania of Dwaria village tells that ‘she cooks food with this water and is forced to drink it. There is no other source of water in the village. Sometimes drinking this water also affects health. We request the government to make arrangements for drinking water in our village.’

The government swung into action after the video went viral and said that the handpump was being repaired. This panchayat is at a very high altitude, so the groundwater level here is 250-300 feet.

According to the Block Development Officer of Gopikandar, ‘there are three villages in Duwaria village. School Tola or Nadi Tola has 4 hand pumps out of which one is in working condition, remaining 2 are repairable. Their repair work has been started. Drinking water will be made available from both in the next 24 hours.’

It is a matter of great surprise that this village is still yearning for hand pumps. When plans are underway to supply tap water to every household across the country.

Actually, the problem is that the development plan of the governments of the country and the state is only for the rich people. Or for those who live in cities. The government knows that no one runs Twitter in the villages. So all development is confined to the cities and the rich.

It is very shameful for the country that the government has failed to provide even drinking water to the tribal community.

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