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Sonia Gandhi to CWC: I'm full-time president, gestures to G-23 leaders

03:05 PM Oct 16, 2021 IST | Ground report
sonia gandhi to cwc  i m full time president  gestures to g 23 leaders

Ground Report | New Delhi: Sonia Gandhi to CWC; In the Congress Working Committee meeting, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi has clearly said that she is working as a full-time president.

Sonia Gandhi to CWC

Sonia Gandhi said, ‘If you let me tell you, I am full-time Congress President… I have always appreciated clarity. There is no need to talk to me through the media.’


A meeting of the Congress Working Committee was held today at the Congress headquarters in Delhi, in which Sonia Gandhi has given answers to the leaders raising questions in the party. During this, he also advised to keep the interests of the party paramount and maintain discipline.

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The issue of the president keeps on coming up in Congress time and again. The G-23 leaders (the 23 leaders who wrote to Sonia Gandhi to appoint a full-time president) have been demanding the election of a full-time Congress president. Recently, Congress leader Kapil Sibal had said that who is taking decisions in the party, may or may not be known to all.


Sonia Gandhi said, ‘The entire organization wants to rebuild the Congress. But for this, there is a need for unity and keeping the interests of the party at the top. This requires the utmost self-control and discipline.


BJP targeted

‘I am well aware that I have been the interim president of the Congress in 2019 ever since the CWC asked me to return to this responsibility. After that, we were supposed to prepare the roadmap for electing a regular president on 30th June but due to the second wave of Covid, this deadline had to be changed.


‘Today is again an opportunity to clarify everything. A complete program of organizational elections is in front of you. General Secretary Venugopal Ji will tell you about the whole process later.’

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Sonia Gandhi concluded by saying, “I have always appreciated clarity. There is no need to talk to me through the media. Come on, let’s all have a free and honest discussion. But, what will be said outside the boundary wall of this room will be a collective decision of the CWC.”

Lakhimpur Kheri incident

Apart from this, Sonia Gandhi said that for the last two years, our colleagues, especially the youth, have been playing their roles in leadership to take the policies and programs of the party to the people.

In her address, she criticized the BJP government for agricultural laws, the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, the deteriorating state of the economy, and the targeting of minorities in Jammu and Kashmir.

Also talked about the upcoming assembly elections and said that its preparations have already started. We have many challenges before us but if we have unity and discipline and we are looking after the interest of the party then we will definitely do well.

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