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Rising Crime against senior citizens in India

12:31 AM Sep 10, 2022 IST | sanjana tiwari
rising crime against senior citizens in india

A case of crime against senior citizens is rising rapidly

Sanjana Tiwari

Ground Report | New Delhi: Crime against elderly people in India; So many senior citizens above 60 years and became victims of various crimes during 2021 and after so many studies one thing was revealed that there is a rapid increase in the no. of cases from the last 5 years. This data is released as part of the crime in India 2019 report shows that out of the 27,976 cases of crime against senior citizens.


Maharashtra reported 6,163 cases, the highest number of cases among states, accounting for 22.3% of the total cases from all states and union territories. Incidentally, Maharashtra reported the highest number of cases in 2018 (5,961) and in 2017 (5,321) too.



Last year, Madhya Pradesh reported the second highest number of cases accounting for 15.1% of total cases followed by Gujarat which accounted for 14.8% cases. In terms of status of cases in courts, trial was completed in 6,837 cases and courts disposed 8,554 cases last year. The data puts the number of persons convicted in crimes against the elderly at 3,279.

The report also reveals the vulnerability of senior citizens to a wide range of crimes and elderly women too facing sexual harassment. Almost 63 cases were reported of rape of women above 60 years old and the high rate was in Kerala.


Around 187 cases involving 191 elderly women were registered under the sections of the Indian penal code that falls in the category of “intent to outrage the modesty of women.”

Crime against elderly people in India; The data also shows that 2,758 cases were registered involving 2,786 senior citizens who were victims of forgery, cheating, and fraud. Apart from this, 4,971 cases were related to 4,973 victims of theft, and 906 cases were related to 915 victims of robbery. Several seniors also faced criminal intimidation. 2,758 cases involving 2,786 victims were registered.



These problems have certainly affected the way of life and sense of well-being of elderly women. They are also deprived to live a dignified life due to these problems. They face the insult through their children and then move to old age homes. This is really a matter of concern the children use to tease them in many ways and this is very shameful for our culture and country.

People use to forget that the life which they are living is just because of them the elderly people have a very significant role in our lives but the increasing no. of criminal cases against them reflects their poor condition in the country.

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