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Who is RSS man’s daughter Malini Mehra questions Rahul Gandhi on ‘India’s lost values’

01:32 PM Mar 08, 2023 IST | Ground report
who is rss man’s daughter malini mehra questions rahul gandhi on ‘india’s lost values’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is on a one-week tour of the United Kingdom, Gandhi praised a participant, Nalini Mehra, daughter of an RSS man and executive director based in London, noting that India needs to return to ‘his values.’

During an in-conversation session at the Chatham House think tank in London on Monday evening Malini Mehra said ‘I feel miserable for the condition of my country. My father was an RSS man, proudly; he would not recognize the country, he will bless his soul. How can we commit ourselves, to empower our democracy?’


Malini said she is one among millions of Indians who cannot recognize the country in which they were born. Is that good or something bad? ‘Said Rahul Gandhi.’ What do you think? Why am I here today? I feel miserable … ‘said Malini.

Answering the question of Malini Mehra, Rahul Gandhi said: ‘… by telling people the values you defend, the values that are Indians and that you protect, telling everyone in the rest of the world that India needs to return to those values … so thanks. ‘


‘It is the duty of all Indians, everywhere in the world, defend the fundamental values of India and protect our beloved democracy,’ Rahul Gandhi wrote by sharing the video.

Who is Malini Mehra?

Malini Mehra comes from Punjab. Coming from a family whose roots are found in two ethnic regions that were divided into religious lines, Punjab and Bengal and the Middle East.


Her mother’s family actively participated in the struggle for the independence of India and her uncle’s Grandfather, Pyarelal Nayyar, was a personal secretary and biographer of Mahatma Gandhi.

Malini’s father Dr Madhav Mehra was an IAS officer and businessman who later founded and directed the Institute of Directors (IOD) of India.

She is Executive Director of Globe International, the Organization of Environmental Legislators founded by Al Gore and John Kerry.

Malini, awarded leader in sustainability, brings more than three decades of international experience in governance for sustainable development, policies and social entrepreneurship, advice and defense that cover governments, parliaments, companies, UN agencies and civil society.

According to the biography of Malini Mehra, since 2017, she is commissioned for the sustainable development of the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and is an ambassador of the London Climate Action Week.

She has founded an awarded Indian NGO that works in corporate responsibility and climate change; she directed international campaigns for Oxfam and friends of the International Land, even at the UN Beijing Women’s Conference (1995), the CMNUCC Kyoto Climate Conference (1997) and the Multilateral Investment Agreement of the OECD.

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