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Big Error: National award for Sync sound given to a dubbed film

10:41 AM Jul 26, 2022 IST | pallavvjain
big error  national award for sync sound given to a dubbed film

A big controversy has come to the fore at the 68th National Film Awards. In this, a Kannada film has been given the award for Best Location Sound Recording (Sync Sound), while it is a dubbed film and its sound is recorded in the studio itself.

Dollu a Kannada Film directed by Sagar Puranik also bagged the Best Kannada Film award at 68th National Film Awards.


What is Sync sound National award controversy?

Location sound recordist award is only granted for sync sound films, but this time award has been given to a Kannada film Dollu which is dubbed in a studio. This has opened up a debate on social media.

Oscar and National Award-winning sound mixer Resul Pookutty tweeted that ‘The film that won the sync sound recording National award is not even a sync sound film, it’s a dubbed film, confirms the sound Designer of the film.


Sound Designer of the Film Dollu Nithin Lukose tweeted that ‘I don’t know what happened behind the curtains of the National Award selections and its procedures, But I pity the judgment of the jury who couldn’t differentiate between dub and a sync sound film, claims to be the experts in the scenario. This cannot happen at the level of National Awards, Sync sound is location sound mixing, this was not at all done for the film, which was dubbed at a Bengaluru studio.’

He added that the jury made an error. As soon as the award was announced, we were all surprised.


Producer of the film Pavan Wadeyar told Indian express that “The jury must have understood our difficulty and hard work in recreating the music. We never claimed the film to be sync sound nor applied in that format/category”

Jobin Jayan sound recordist of the film Dollu is in shock after winning the national award for a work he did not do.

What is Sync Sound Recording?

According to sound designer Shreyank Nanjappa, ‘Sync Sound’ is capturing the vocal performance of the actors on set during shooting. The aim is to record clean dialogues so that the actors will not have to Dub those lines in a studio later. But It is impossible for an actor to recreate the spontaneity, pitching, intonation, rhythm & emotion of the performance in the studio.

Sync sound is more expensive than to get the film Dubbed. Sync Sound demands a lot of hard work and discipline from all departments – Direction, Production, Actors, Camera, Crew, and Editor.

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