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Tamil Nadu Election: 6 gas cylinders and Rs 1500 per family for free

12:29 PM Mar 09, 2021 IST | Ground report
tamil nadu election  6 gas cylinders and rs 1500 per family for free

Tamil Nadu’s ruling party AIADMK co-convenor and state Chief Minister Adapaddi K.K. Palaniswamy has announced that every family will be given six free LPG (LPG) cylinders in a year and Rs 1,500 every month to the female head of the family.

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She announced this on Women’s Day while talking to the media along with Deputy Chief Minister Panneerselvam and other party leaders. Also, he told that within a few days the party will issue a manifesto.

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Manifesto Leaked’

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Has this announcement been made in view of the recent announcement by the DMK in which Stalin announced to give 1000 rupees per month to every housewife? In response to this question, Palaniswami said that his party’s manifesto is being prepared for the last 10 days.

He said, ‘Our manifesto (with the DMK) was leaked for some reason.’


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Assembly elections are due in Tamil Nadu in April and in view of this, political parties are making public announcements one after the other.

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Earlier, DMK leader MK Stalin had announced that if the DMK comes to power, his government will give 1000 rupees per month to every ration card holder housewives.

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