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These 9 countries allow foreigners to join their army

05:12 PM Aug 28, 2022 IST | Ground Report
these 9 countries allow foreigners to join their army

Ground Report | New Delhi: These 9 countries allow; Can a country enlist citizens of another country in its army? many countries including America and Russia recruit foreigners in the army.

These 9 countries allow foreigners



Only permanent residents and green card holders can join the US military. However, he does not get a commission in the army. In 2002, then-President George Bush ordered the citizenship of non-US soldiers to be made easier and faster. Every year 8,000 foreign nationals are recruited in the army here. Most of them are people from Mexico and France. People from Micronesia and Palau can also join the army

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In 2010, Russia eased the rules for joining the army. It was considered a means of calling Russian people living in the countries of the old Soviet Union. However, Russia has also taken many other steps for foreigners. Russian-speaking non-Russians can join the military on a 5-year contract. After 3 years, many options of citizenship are also available.



In 2018, Britain has abolished the condition of five years of stay in Britain for citizens of Commonwealth countries to enlist in the army. Citizens of other countries cannot join the army here, not even those from the European Union.



The Foreign Legion of France is unique. This is the oldest branch of the only foreign soldiers which is still active. It was built in 1831 and it still gets orders from the officers of the French army. People involved in this can apply for French citizenship only after 3 years of service.


Spain started recruiting foreigners in the army in 2002. First, the citizens of the old colonies of Spain were given the opportunity. Later Morocco also joined it. The northern part of Morocco was once a Spanish colony. There are also many people in the army who are not Spaniards. Foreigners’ quota increased from 2 percent to 9 percent now.


From 2004, the Belgian army started recruiting European citizens aged 18-34 as soldiers.

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Ireland enlists people from the European Economic Area (EU) including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Citizens of other countries who have been living in Ireland for more than 3 years can also enlist in the military.


Luxembourg also allows European citizens a place in its army. Provided that they have been living in the country for more than 3 years and their age is between 18 to 24 years.


Foreigners living in Denmark can apply to enlist in the Danish army. Apart from living in Denmark, it is also necessary for the candidate to speak Danish.

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