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Dhruv Rathee’s wife receiving threats after Kerala Story Video

11:02 PM May 18, 2023 IST | Ground Report
dhruv rathee’s wife receiving threats after kerala story video

Dhruv Rathi's wife received rape threats, exposing the shocking reality of online harassment. Dhruv, a renowned YouTuber, took to social media to share the disturbing messages his foreign wife had been subjected to.

The screenshots provided by Dhruv showed explicit and abusive content directed at his spouse, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of people in the digital realm.


In tweets posted on May 18, Dhruv presented evidence of the dire situation, highlighting messages directed at his wife. "Three of the screenshots showed typical Instagram posts, while the fourth showed abusive emails received by Dhruv himself. It is disheartening to see that people who claim to defend women's rights and national development have engaged in such reprehensible behaviour."

One of the messages came from a user named Veronica, who sent two explicit messages threatening Dhruv's wife if she did not remain silent. Another user, Happy Singh, made disrespectful comments hinting at physical violence towards Dhruv. These cases of online abuse shed light on the dark side of social media, where anonymity often encourages people to express hate and engage in harmful behavior.


Dhruv provided a 2020 video clip to back up his statement, highlighting the portrayal of girls as powerless. She claimed that while they were described as brainwashed, they were not actually powerless.


The film allegedly implies that 32,000 women were subjected to forced conversions. However, according to the original information, except for Fatima Isa, Sonia Sebastian, and Marine Jacob Pallath, the incident did not result in a change of religion for the other girls involved.



A Twitter user wrote, "This is deplorable and outright disgusting. But then, since when did social media influencers pushing high quality propaganda start to worry about social media reactions? Isn’t that a part of what you do? Did your FOREIGNER wife not know what she is getting into? Ever cared to think of the abuses those on the other end of your propaganda spectrum receive? That being said, ever wondered what the families of those that suffered must be thinking of you when you diss their plight as propaganda to please your followers? It always hurts when it hits the inner circle."


Another user tweeted "The primary rationale for my decision to refrain from voicing personal perspectives stems from a desire to avoid inadvertently inciting conflict among my peers."

"Sorry to see this, @dhruv_rathee . Unfortunately, it's not surprising, given the polarized environment. Your work is great, your fact checks make an impact & your reach keeps increasing. Keep up your good work of debunking propaganda, as you did in fact checking #TheKeralaStory" another user tweeted.

Another user tweeted "Dhruv, please take strict action against these people. They are spreading in Indian society like a pandemic. their proper and permanent treatment is very necessary."

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