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How 1st India news channel trolled over Rajasthan University leader’s MMS Video?

08:02 PM May 24, 2023 IST | groundreportdesk
how 1st india news channel trolled over rajasthan university leader’s mms video

The First India news channel finds itself at the center of controversy due to its coverage of an allegedly obscene video involving a student leader at the University of Rajasthan. The explicit video, rumoured to show the student leader and another student, went viral on social media, sparking debate and intense curiosity among the public.

First India has been accused of sensationalizing the incident and trivializing the seriousness of the matter. The news channel's coverage, characterized by provocative language and a focus on explicit content, has sparked a strong reaction from viewers and social media users. Many argue that the channel's approach is unethical and disrespectful of the privacy and dignity of the people involved.


In its report, First India described the incident as a source of entertainment, with headlines and discussions appearing to encourage voyeuristic tendencies among the audience. This approach has fueled a growing demand for video, as people eagerly seek access to explicit content, even if its authenticity has not been verified.

The news channel's actions have been widely criticized for ignoring the potential consequences for the people involved, including reputational damage and emotional distress. Such incidents raise important debates around consent, privacy rights, and responsible journalistic practices.


Social media reaction

A Twitter user wrote, "The people of the world will enjoy watching the video…… 2 people's life has been ruined….. no one cares…… while both of them do what they did and naturally There is nothing wrong with that but people just have to have fun."


Another user tweeted, "Worse thinness than this…. It is not possible at all! Misfortune of the people… That Due to the lack of nationalist channels in Rajasthan, such news channels are also running?"


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