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MMS video of Bhojpuri Actress, two more actresses' videos got leaked

08:02 PM May 19, 2023 IST | Ground report
mms video of bhojpuri actress  two more actresses  videos got leaked

Leaked MMS video of Bhojpuri actress Trishakar Madhu who increased the heartbeats of her fans through video songs. In it, she is seen in an objectionable condition in the bedroom with a young man.

Trishakar's video is becoming more and more viral on social media, after which people are trolling her on social media. Trishakar Madhu herself has spoken live on social media. Now, about a month later, another video of her is going viral.


Many people have also shared MMS and audio recordings of their conversations with Trisha on YouTube. In these recordings, people are asking Trisha who is she with him in the video? And why is she doing this? The Bhojpuri actress has vented anger against those who wrote posts on social media.

In this, he has written that 'God sees everything, made my private video viral to make me proud. Appealing to the people for peace, Trisha said that if you people are my supporters then please maintain peace and do not throw it. Whoever made my video viral, God will punish him.


Trishakar Madhu's MMS became popular on the Internet. The video sparked outrage online, prompting Trisha to urge others not to spread it. Trishakar Madhu was seen in a lewd situation with a man in this video.


Priyanka Pandit has also been making headlines due to her leaked MMS. Pandit had to deal with backlash after the video was posted.


Recently, singer Shilpi Raj's MMS became popular on social media. However, Shilpi Raj went live on Facebook to clarify the situation and said that she was not the MMS girl.


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