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Story behind She’s 11 trend on Twitter

05:47 PM May 27, 2023 IST | Ground report
story behind she’s 11 trend on twitter

During Beyoncé's recent concert in Paris, France, her 11-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, made a surprise appearance on stage, delighting the audience. Joining Beyoncé's dancers, Blue Ivy donned a stunning metallic silver ensemble and performed alongside her mother on several songs.

The "She's 11" trend on Twitter arose in response to Blue Ivy's impressive performance on stage during Beyoncé's concert in Paris. Twitter users expressed awe and admiration for the 11-year-old's talent and criticized the unnecessary negativity directed her way.


Louis Pisano, who attended the concert, described the moment as an incredible surprise. He captured the emotion in a video and shared it on Twitter, showing off Blue Ivy's confident presence, dressed in a sequined long-sleeved top, metallic pants and stylish sunglasses.

Blue Ivy's performance was met with overwhelming cheers and applause from the stadium. Pisano emphasized the power of the moment, expressing how proud Beyoncé looked as she shared the stage with her daughter, hands outstretched toward the sky.


As the footage circulated on Twitter, viewers marveled at Blue Ivy's impeccable choreography, dancing alongside Beyoncé to the soundtrack to "MY POWER" from The Lion King: The Gift. The mother-daughter duo dazzled in matching metallic silver ensembles. Blue Ivy, who previously drew attention for her impromptu dance moves during her mother's concert in Dubai, blended seamlessly with Beyoncé's professional dancers.


In another clip, Blue Ivy showed off her skills during a rendition of a tween of Kendrick Lamar's "Alright." This timing coincided with the surprise release of the Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar remix of "AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM," a song that had not been previously announced or teased.


Blue Ivy's stage presence and talent continue to impress, demonstrating her dedication and commitment to rehearsals as she blended seamlessly into Beyoncé's captivating performance.



A Twitter user wrote "Beyonce's sensational dancing daughter Blue Ivy is stealing the show, and she's 11 years old. The next step is to ban Matt Gaetz from attending one her performances."

Another user wrote "She's 11. According to the new US state law signed by MAGA Governor Sarah Huckabee, Blue Ivy can be as young as 9 yrs old & legally allowed to work mopping up pig's blood from a slaughterhouse floor. Thankfully, Blue Ivy is only dancing given that her parents have $$$."

"The fact y’all are hating on a child is out of control! She’s learning she’s still young and probably didn’t wanna mess up her steps . You act like she has to immediately dance like her mother. It will take time but she will get it . I bet her mom is proud of her for trying" another user wrote

Another user wrote "y’all sit on twitter and bully blue ivy every 3 months. she looked good dancing, she’s 11. at 11 most of y’all was still looking at ur teacher in the wings at ur recital. she did great. i’m sure if she was the daughter or a famous white singer, y’all would treat her differently."

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