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Truth of sexual act video filmed in Delhi metro

10:52 AM Apr 29, 2023 IST | Ground report
truth of sexual act video filmed in delhi metro

Two obscene videos recently circulated widely on social media showing men engaging in sexual acts in what was said to be the Delhi metro.

Truth of sexual act video

In the first 0.04-second clip, a man can be seen performing oral sex on another man while he is squatting near a train door. It is not clear if this occurred on the Delhi metro or on another train, but the changing light behind the glass door suggests that the train was in motion.


The second 0.15-second clip shows a man masturbating while looking at something on his phone while he is sitting on a train. Despite the fact that the couple sitting next to him got up and left, he continues his reprehensible behaviour. Another traveller in front of him filmed the incident on his phone.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a man engaging in obscene behaviour while sitting near other people. Some passengers can be seen leaving their seats and moving to another place while the man continues to watch something on his mobile device. The video has sparked outrage among netizens calling for strict action against the man.


Also, when the camera briefly pans to the right, the words ‘Delhi Cantt’ can be seen on the digital display inside the metro car, indicating that the train is on the Delhi Metro Pink Line and the next station. It is the cantonment of Delhi Metro station.


DCW strongly condemned video

Swati Maliwal, the chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), strongly condemned the video, describing it as ‘disgusting and disgusting.’


‘Came across a viral video where a man can be seen shamelessly masturbating in Delhi Metro. It is absolutely disgusting and sickening. I am issuing a notice to Delhi Police and Delhi Metro to ensure strictest possible action against this shameful act,’ she wrote on Twitter.

Delhi Police announced on Friday that they have registered an FIR under IPC Section 294, which pertains to obscene acts committed in public, in connection with the video. The man in question has yet to be identified or located.

In response to the incident, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) urged passengers to behave responsibly when using the metro. The DMRC also issued a statement on Twitter, stating that it will deploy additional flying squads near subway stations.

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