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Climate Brawl is trending, understand this term

10:28 AM Aug 28, 2023 IST | Ground Report
climate brawl is trending  understand this term

The dire consequences of prolonged environmental negligence grappled with the world in the not-so-distant future. Years of alarm-sounding by governments, activists, and scientists did not spur action, as it remained sluggish. An unexpected and controversial event called "ClimateBrawl" emerged as a startling spectacle in this backdrop, shaking both global leaders and concerned citizens.

Introducing climatebrawl encouraged the silent majority to participate, and, over time, the Twitterverse witnessed the emergence of a community - the "friends of #climatebrawl" - who challenged the lies and misinformation of climate deniers.


Climate deniers believe that they “win” arguments over science in the Twitter trenches, where bullying and toxic tweeting occur. Platforms like Twitter exert a significant influence on public opinion. The silent majority, which makes up the majority of Twitter users, are not climate deniers.

What is ClimateBrawl?

Dr. Gerald Kutney is a prominent commentator on MSM and the realm of social media, specializing in the politics surrounding the climate crisis. He is credited with coining the term "ClimateBrawl."


"After having experienced several similar confrontations, in February 2019, The launched a hashtag, namely #climatebrawl, to serve as a distress signal akin to the Bat-Signal, seeking support against adversarial climate change deniers.


The news of ClimateBrawl spread like wildfire across social media platforms, sparking heated debates. Some praised the organizers for their audacity and hoped that this extreme approach would finally spur governments and corporations into action. Others condemned it as a reckless stunt that would do more harm than good.


Twitter breeds climate change fallacies

  • Global warming does not exist
  • Global warming is natural
  • Global warming is good for you (and/or plants)
  • There is too much doubt on the science (i.e., wait for more research)
  • There is no scientific consensus (i.e., wait until there is one)
  • Scientists/scientific organizations are corrupt/globalists/socialists
  • Better solutions will be available in the future (i.e., wait for more research)
  • Policies will hurt the people with low-income more than climate change will
  • There is no sense of urgency, as it won’t be that bad
  • It is too late to stop climate change, so just adapt.

As the world grapples with finding effective solutions to combat climate change, ClimateBrawl serves as a reminder of the challenges in fostering productive conversations amidst differing viewpoints. It underscores the need for respectful and informed dialogue to bridge divides and pave the way for meaningful climate action.

In an era where open conversation and collaboration are essential for confronting the climate crisis, the rise of ClimateBrawl emphasizes the importance of finding common ground and shared solutions while respecting the diversity of opinions that shape the discourse. As the term continues to trend, it prompts us to reflect on how we engage with climate issues and encourages a more constructive approach to addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

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