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Why everyone is talking about Dhruv Rathee's Kerala Story analysis video?

12:54 PM May 12, 2023 IST | Ground Report
why everyone is talking about dhruv rathee s kerala story analysis video

Popular YouTuber Dhruv Rathee has taken on the controversial film "The Kerala Story" in his latest video, which has quickly gone viral.

In the 23-minute video titled "Kerala's Story, True or False," Dhruv discusses and debunks many of the claims made in the film, including those related to Love Jihad and the forced conversion of women in Kerala to Islam. He presents data from government and international sources to argue that the film's claims are exaggerated.


Dhruv examines the real-life case of three Kerala women who joined ISIS and presents evidence that suggests they are very different from the "victims" portrayed in the film. He encourages viewers to watch the entire video before commenting on the issue to get a full understanding.

He points out that the real situation is very different from what is shown in the film. The video has been viewed by more than 7 million people within a day of its release, with more than 600,000 likes and more than 100,000 comments. It has also been shared on Twitter by Mohammad Zubair, co-founder of Alt News.


The video also explored Kerala's model of socio-economic development, examining claims of exceptional literacy rates, women's empowerment, and its overall ranking on the Human Development Index. Rathee evaluated the accuracy of these claims through rigorous research and data analysis, highlighting both achievements and areas for improvement.


Rathee discussed the controversial issue of religious harmony in Kerala, providing a comprehensive understanding of the situation by considering historical contexts, recent events, and community tensions.


Throughout the video, Rathee presented contrasting views and substantiated his analysis with credible sources and references. He stressed the importance of critical thinking and fact checking in the age of digital information overload.



A user wrote "I have many Hindu friends till date I have not invited them to my religion nor have they invited me to their religion but mutual help, tolerance and happiness We have friendship Of course the Kerala story has become a big news but it never affects the people of Kerala because we have never been the ones to do that.Hope you all have seen the 2018 movie that is the real kerala where we get together and help each other kerala other people don't know that kerala we are proud of it".

Another user commented "I’m Muslim and I have many Hindu friends they never think this type about me we are friends from 10 years and they come to my house for my festivals they didn’t even think about racism. I’m proud to be Indian Muslim 🇮🇳. My brother is an Indian army he choose his career for India".

"I am from Kerala, a woman, Christian. I have Muslim and Hindu friends. None of us even talk about religion when we are together. We respect each others religion. Also, my husband is Hindu. We still follow our own religions. I think the problem with the movie is the title itself. I know such incidents did happen in Kerala. The movie title just generalise such incidents happens everywhere in Kerala. However, Kerala is beyond religious convertion. We have this celebration called 'Onam' which every religions celebrate. There are so many good things and good people. If you want to see the 'Real Kerala Story' go and watch '2018' movie" says another user.

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