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Functions of a Warehouse Management System

06:42 PM Jan 31, 2023 IST | pallavvjain
functions of a warehouse management system

Managing the stocks of your business is one of the most important things you have to do as a businessman. You will never want your customers to choose any other store just because you don’t have the required products in your stock. You must be proficient in warehouse management to keep your business growing. However, managing a warehouse is not that easy. You need to keep an account of everything present in your storehouse. Furthermore, you also need to track your inventory and make it visible so things don’t get old in the storage.

Doing all these things can give you a severe headache. However, don’t worry! Warehouse management systems can help you solve all these problems. The warehouse management system makes things easy for you by automating most of the inventory administration tasks. However, you cannot just opt for any warehouse management system. It must be able to perform some specific functions so that it can handle the job of managing your inventory perfectly.


Basic Functions of a Warehouse Management System

Following are some of the integral functions of the inventory management system. Never opt for a system that is unable to perform any of them.

Stock Tracking

Keeping track of the inflow and outflow of stocks in your inventory is one of the most basic functions of the WMS. It will help you to manage things pretty easily. You don’t have to worry about products running short with increasing demand. WMS provides you with all the data so you can think about these things ahead of time. Furthermore, it also assists you in replenishing the stocks before they run out.



One of the biggest problems many business owners face is the invisibility of stocks. Different products get hidden behind or beneath the products that are in demand. As a result, they fail to meet customers’ demands related to those hidden products. Therefore, you must ensure that WMS improves the visibility of your stock.

This improved visibility makes it easy for you to sell all the products simultaneously. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for reports to ensure some product stock is running out. Visibility throughout the warehouse enables you to keep an eye on this factor, and you can pre-order specific things to avoid their shortage.


Paperless Documentation

Once there was a time when all the documents were present in the form of papers. Keeping these papers in a safe place is all the security they got. However, nowadays, the world has grown digital. Having documents related to your warehouse in paper form is not a good idea. WMS must have the function of paperless documentation as well.

These paperless documents are easy to manage and explore. You can find any document by simply typing its name or only a few characters of its name in the search bar. Apart from that, the chance of losing these documents is scarce due to strong data backup systems. The best part is yet to come! Your documents are super secure in digital form. You can add different securities to them. Only those people who have access can reach and check your documents.


Great Customer Service

Making your customers happy is the primary goal of your business and the top trick to keep it growing. Your WMS must have enough characteristics to deliver the right products to customers. Effective inventory management via WMS can be seen only when your customers are happy with your services. Therefore delivering excellent customer service is also an essential function of a WMS.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Analyzing the whole data of your warehouse is a headache. You need to go through several files and analyze this data.  Often that data will also not be clean or consistent. However, it’s a matter of a few minutes for the warehouse management system. WMS must have a robust analyzing function as well. Along with the analysis, it must be able to report that analysis to decision-makers. This reporting helps you in focusing your attention while checking your stocks.

Bottom Line

Now you just need to find a WMS with all these functions so that you can manage your inventory perfectly. Deposco can be your ultimate pick for a reliable WMS as it can perform all the above-mentioned functions. From tracking to keeping records, It is the ultimate solution to all your warehouse management problems.


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