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What are white topping roads that prevent potholes?

02:58 PM Dec 05, 2022 IST | greport2018
what are white topping roads that prevent potholes

A road surface that cracks, is abused by bad weather, frost, car traffic, and lack of maintenance and it’s a guaranteed pothole. A real scourge for motorists and for two-wheelers who risk falling or losing control.

India has two passions: brunches and potholes. When winter comes, large cracks appear in the roadway. Much to the chagrin of motorists. If we look at the state level, Karnataka spends no less than Rs 20000 crore in 5 years on the repair. Now let’s understand what is white topping.


What are white-topping roads?

White Topping is a Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) topping that is built over an existing bituminous road. This overlap acts as a long-term alternative for the rehabilitation or structural strengthening of roads. The PCC overlay may or may not be attached to the bottom layer. Whitetopping consists of placing a layer of concrete on a deteriorated bituminous pavement.

The white coating of roads is the laying of cement concrete instead of bituminous concrete when the roads are concreted. Whitetopping is the coating of existing asphalt pavement with a layer of Portland cement concrete. Whitetopping is divided into types based on the thickness of the concrete layer and whether the layer is attached to the asphalt substrate.


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