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What is She is 19 trend on Twitter, How it started?

07:27 PM Apr 12, 2023 IST | Ground report
what is she is 19 trend on twitter  how it started

Millie Bobby Brown, the star of the Netflix series Stranger Things, announced her engagement to boyfriend Jake Bongiovi on Monday. Millie, 19, shared a dreamy black and white photo with her boyfriend, 20, on her Instagram to share her life update with her fans.

While most fans couldn’t help but rave about the gorgeous photo and the love-struck couple, the internet also had some hilarious reactions to the news.


While most seemed happy with the news, there were a few who couldn’t help but notice how young they were and even advised them not to get married so soon.

What is She is 19 trend on Twitter?

In no time, the news became the talk of the town, but what particularly caught the attention of netizens was how young the couple is. Millie Bobby Brown is 19 years old while Jake is 20 years old.


Being as independent and successful as Brown is at nineteen is no ordinary feat. Especially in Indian homes where most young adults still abide by strict rules set by the patriarch or matriarch of the family.


However, the internet was flooded with hilarious memes, as most of them talked about being single, even when her favorite star had announced her engagement at the age of 19. ‘She’s 19’ started trending on Twitter as soon as she announced her engagement.


Brown’s commitment at such a young age fueled the collective desi existentialism and spawned some hilarious memes! Netizens even trended ‘She’s 19’ on Twitter.


‘She’s 19 and she’s engaged. I’m 22 and I’m crying because my mom won’t let me out after 6pm,’ one fan joked. This is what the internet had to say.

‘She is 19 and engaged and I’m 21 single, deadbeat, depressed as f***,’ commented one user. ‘She is 19. I’m 24. Still waiting a soulmate,’ said another.

‘She is 19 and engaged and I am 23 & still trying to understand why RCB is still playing in IPL,’ a third user commented.

Brown and Bongiovi’s Relationship

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi sparked dating rumors in 2021 when they were spotted wandering around New York holding hands.

Millie introduced Jake to her fans in June 2021 with a cute Instagram post. Daily Mail quoted Millie talking about her relationship where she shared: “We met on Instagram. And we were friends for a while, and then what can I say?”

Back in June 2021, Brown introduced Bongiovi to her social media followers by posting a photo of him on Instagram. The couple later confirmed their relationship. In a January Instagram post, Brown referred to Bongiovi as her “partner for life” and shared multiple pictures of them together.

As a child actor, Brown gained immense popularity for her role in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The show’s upcoming fifth season is slated to be its last, but a prequel is set to be performed in London’s West End, and an animated TV series has also been announced by Netflix.

Meanwhile, Bongiovi has landed his second major acting gig in a new coming-of-age film called Rockbottom.

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