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Why Adani group’s brand custodian Aman Singh quit NDTV board?

08:44 PM Apr 11, 2023 IST | sanya raghwa
why adani group’s brand custodian aman singh quit ndtv board

The head of corporate affairs and corporate brand custodian of the Adani Group, Aman Kumar Singh stepped down from his post at NDTV Ltd.

On 1 April, the head of corporate affairs left his post at NDTV due to other engagements. 



It was found out that the former Indian Revenue Officer, Aman Singh, was also facing corruption charges in Chhattisgarh as a result of which he stepped down from his post. Besides this, it has been reported that Aman Singh left the post due to some preoccupations.

Aman Singh resigned from the post on 1 April, after the stock exchange filing. 


In a stock exchange filing, New Delhi Ltd said that Aman Singh has resigned from the position of non-executive director. The resignation was the result of some other engagements that was announced on 1 April, 2023. 

Aman Singh was a former Indian Revenue Service officer and a powerful bureaucrat during the BJP-led-government in Chhattisgarh. He was also the principal secretary of the chief-minister. 



The former Indian Revenue Service officer joined the Adani group back in November 2022. He joined the post of corporate brand custodian and corporate head. 

Later he was appointed as one of the directors of the board of news broadcasters by the Adani group. 


In 2020, an FIR was filed against Singh and his wife, Yasmeen Singh in an inappropriate assets case. The case was filed by the economic offenses wing (EOW) of Chattisgarh. 

The High court reversed the FIR but the Supreme Court set aside HC’s order claiming that it is desirable for the HC to not quash corruption cases FIRs at the investigation stage. 

After the SC announced its verdict, Aman Singh appeared before the EOW on 6th March. The session judge court of Raipur a week later rejected his plea for anticipatory bail.


Aman Singh from NDTV is seen as the second exit from the channel after Adani’s takeover. 

First it was Sunil Kumar, the non-executive independent director of the company who resigned from his post on March 9.

Sunil Kumar was a former IAS officer. He also served as the chief secretary of Chattisgarh from 2012 to 2014.

Aman Singh’s resignation from the NDTV after the takeover of Adani group is seen as the second top level exit of a board member after being appointed by the Adani group. 

There has been a lot of tension among the public regarding Adani’s takeover of NDTV. The resignation of the second top level board member has raised various questions and speculations about the independence of India as well as its media as a result of Adani’s close ties with the BJP government.

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