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Who is Pradeep Gawande, Tina Dabi’s to-be husband?

10:46 AM Mar 29, 2022 IST | Ground report
who is pradeep gawande  tina dabi’s to be husband

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pradeep Gawande Tina Dabi; IAS officer Tina Dabi, who passed civil service exams in 2015, became engaged to Pradeep Gawande, an IAS officer from the batch of 2013. Pradeep Gawande is three years older than Tina and currently serves as Director of Archeology and Museums, Rajasthani. Topper from school to UPSC, story of IAS Tina Dabi reached court for divorce

Tina Dabi also shared a post from her official Instagram account, while Pradeep Gawande also shared two images on her social media, in which Tina Dabi can be seen wearing a red saree while Pradeep Gawande can be seen wearing a kurta. red and pants


Previously, Tina Dabi had made headlines for her marriage to IAS Athar Khan in 2018. However, Athar and Tina are now divorced.


IAS Tina Dabi: List of books referred by her to clear IAS preliminary exam

Both Tina and Pradeep are getting married for the second time. According to media reports, the couple will be married on April 22 in Jaipur. The couple is currently in Jaipur.


Who is Pradeep Gawande?

Pradeep is three years older than Tina as he passed the civil service exams in 2013. A native of Maharashtra, Pradeep is a qualified medical doctor. He earned his MBBS degree before successfully passing the UPSC exams.

Pradeep’s Instagram account describes it as ‘IAS 2013 | Rajasthan box | Doctor 🩺| Marathi Currently posted as Director, Archeology and Museums Rajasthan.’

Pradeep is believed to be 13 years older than Tina, who celebrated her 28th birthday on November 9 last year.

Tina Dabi divorced last year from Athar Aamir

Tina Dabi was divorced late last year from Athar Aamir Khan, whom she had married in 2018. The wedding made headlines and was attended by prominent politicians.

Tina Dabi topped the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam for civil services in 2015, the same year Athar Khan was ranked second. Her romance and her wedding came straight out of a movie script.

Dabi, a graduate of Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi, came into the spotlight after becoming the first Dalit to pass the prestigious civil service exam, that too on the first try.

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