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Who is Supriya Annaiah, wife of Rohan Bopanna?

03:04 PM Jan 29, 2023 IST | pallavvjain
who is supriya annaiah  wife of rohan bopanna

Rohan Bopanna was recently seen playing mixed-doubles finals at the Australian Open with Sania Mirza. While the Indian tennis star was playing the match, supporting him in the stand was his wife Supriya Annaiah. A tweet went viral, the user wrote-

‘BOPANNA’S??? WIFE??? Is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen???’ , ‘She’s a psychologist????? I think I would trust her with my life ‘I feel like I have discovered the queen of the tennis players’ partners. Queen Supriya has emerged to take her place as ruler of the WAGs and HABs’ 


After that, Rohan Bopanna retweeted, ‘I agree 😉

About Supriya Annaiah, in brief

The couple got married in 2012 in a private ceremony. And, before that, they had been dating for quite a while. Bopanna was born in Coorg, Karnataka, and has been a passionate tennis player. Supriya was Rohan’s cousin’s friend. And, that’s how they met in a restaurant. Rohan wanted his cousin to introduce them, and they did. 


After dating and falling in love, they got married. His marriage proposal also included extensive planning and figuring out Supriya’s ring size.

Now, they have a daughter Tridha Bopanna.


Supriya is a psychologist, and she is also the director of the Rohan Bopanna Tennis Development Foundation, registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). 

She also manages the mental side of her husband’s game.

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People are gushing over ‘discovering’ the beauty of Supriya Annaiah. There are a few who think that people are too late. And, they are tagging the Arjun Award felicitation ceremony where she was seen wearing a saree in ‘traditional Kodava style’.

While Rohan Bopanna and Sania Mirza did lose the mixed doubles final, people discovered Bopanna’s wife. That in itself is borderline creepy as this is a trend in broadcasting shows or sports events. Indian tend to discover new people, particularly women. So, she is another trend, I suppose.

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