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What was controversial tweet of BJP Haryana IT cell chief Arun Yadav?

11:28 PM Jul 07, 2022 IST | Ground report
what was controversial tweet of bjp haryana it cell chief arun yadav

The Information Technology chief of the BJP’s Haryana unit, Arun Yadav, was sacked from the party on Thursday, amid mounting calls for his arrest over controversial anti-Muslim and anti-Islam tweets.

Yadav’s social media posts were widely shared by critics, with many comparing his impunity to the treatment of Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of fact-checking website Alt News, who was arrested for a 2018 tweet.


Team Saath Official shared old tweet of Arun Yadav ‘If Zubair can be arrested for a 4 year old tweet, why can’t @beingarun28 too for his 5-year-old tweet?’

Arun Yadav will be removed from his post with immediate effect but gave no reason, PTI said citing a statement issued by BJP state chairman O P Dhankar. The development comes days after Nupur Sharma’s controversial comments during a television debate sparked nationwide protests and drew strong reactions in many Gulf countries.


Arun Yadav’s controversial tweets were widely shared by his detractors with many comparing his actions to that of Mohammed Zubair and how different standards were followed. Meanwhile, Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of fact-checking website Alt News, approached the Supreme Court on Thursday to ask for the FIR to be annulled and bail to be granted urgently. He has been sent into police custody as of today.

#ArrestArunYadav was among the top trends on Twitter.


Twitter user wrote ‘Muslims are arrested for giving Martial arts training. Muslims are arrested for wrapping food items in Newspapers. Muslims are arrested for reporting Hate Speeches. While Nupur Sharma,Naveen Jindal & Now Arun Yadav are not arrested.’

Another user tweeted ‘Hello @gurgaonpolice Such objectionable post against any religion or religious leader is a violation of the law and legal action should be taken against such people.’

Last week, Delhi police arrested Alt-News co-founder and fact-checker Mohammed Zubair for allegedly hurting religious sentiments through one of his Twitter posts. Mohammed Zubair was arrested after a Twitter user tagged the Delhi police in one of his 2018 tweets about the Hindu god Hanuman. Let’s take a look at the details.

In a tweet dated March 24, 2018, Zubair had shared an image of a hotel name sign (from a movie) that was apparently changed to ‘Hanuman Hotel’ from ‘Honeymoon Hotel’. He captioned that image as ‘Before 2014: Honeymoon Hotel, After 2014: Hanuman Hotel.’

This Tweet is said to have provoked the masses, ultimately leading to Zubair’s arrest. One Twitter user had tagged the Delhi police saying: “Linking our God Hanuman Ji with honeymoon is a direct insult to Hindus because he is a brahmachari. Kindly take action against this guy.’

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