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Why Elon Musk wants to buy failed Silicon Valley Bank?

03:52 PM Mar 13, 2023 IST | Ground Report
why elon musk wants to buy failed silicon valley bank

Over the weekend, Elon Musk expressed openness to the idea of purchasing and transforming failed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) into a digital bank. The suggestion came from Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer, on Twitter.

The idea was floated on Twitter by a user suggesting that Twitter, which Musk owns, should make the acquisition.


Musk responded, saying ‘I’m open to the idea,’ but did not provide any further details on whether he is in talks with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which currently controls the roughly $175 billion in deposits held at the bank.

SVB, a key tech lender, was recently shut down by US regulators due to ‘inadequate liquidity and insolvency’ as it struggled to raise funds to cover losses from the sale of assets impacted by rising interest rates.


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has taken over the bank’s roughly $175 billion in deposits, making it the largest US bank failure since 2008.

This move could align with Musk’s ambition to transform Twitter into a mega app called X, which would offer financial and other services.


According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Musk’s net worth, based on his stakes in Tesla and SpaceX, is valued at $165 billion as of March 10.

Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is a commercial bank based in Santa Clara, California, United States.


It provides a range of financial services and solutions to technology and innovation-focused businesses, including startups, venture capital firms, and private equity firms.

SVB offers a range of services such as corporate banking, investment banking, asset management, and market research. It also provides financing solutions, including loans, lines of credit, and debt financing.

The bank operates globally, with offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Israel. SVB has established itself as a leading bank for the technology and innovation industries, with a strong reputation for supporting early-stage and high-growth companies.

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