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Why Kunal Kamra's Bengaluru Shows cancelled? What's the whole matter

04:53 PM Dec 01, 2021 IST | Ground report
why kunal kamra s bengaluru shows cancelled  what s the whole matter

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Kunal Kamra’s Shows cancelled; Comedian Kunal Kamra on Wednesday said that his upcoming stand-up show in Bengaluru has been cancelled. He wrote on Twitter that the organizers had received threats, after which it was canceled.

Earlier, another stand-up comedian Munawar Farooqui was not allowed to do the show. The police had called Munawwar Farooqui a controversial person. Kunal Kamra has been criticizing the Modi government on many issues. He has given the cancellation information of his show on Twitter in a sarcastic manner.


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“First of all, we did not get special permission to seat 45 people at the place which can seat more. Secondly, if I ever perform there, the venue has been threatened with closure. I think this is also part of the COVID protocol and the new guidelines. I guess I am being seen as a variant of the virus now,” he wrote.


Kamra also said that those who thought they were being allowed to do their business when Farooqui, a Muslim comedian, was being stopped from doing so, can now find solace in the fact that the ruling class is less Trying less. repression with equality. ,

Strikingly, he writes, ‘Maybe if we continue on the path of equal oppression, we will reach the point of equal emancipation in the post-climate change era,’ indicating that such a form of ‘liberation’ The day appears extraordinarily distant. (Why Kunal Kamra’s Shows cancelled)


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Kamra’s four-page tweeted note also has a ‘formula’ for how to cancel a show. It consists of five tongue-in-cheek phases, with satire describing a route followed by right-wing groups to cancel Farooqui and Kamra’s shows. For example, before being canceled in Bengaluru, Farooqui’s shows were canceled in Goa, Mumbai, and Raipur.

Even before these cancellations, Farooqui was jailed for a month on a complaint filed by the son of a BJP leader, who claimed that he had allegedly ‘heard’ objectionable jokes being told. The Supreme Court finally granted him bail.

Foreign organizations also condemned Farooqui’s imprisonment as a result of the suppression of his fundamental rights and his freedom of expression. ‘You can also apply this formula to any artist you don’t agree with, you don’t find funny or don’t like their art,’ he wrote, to mark how easy it is now to hunt down artists.

People know Kunal Kamra as a standup comedian. He started his career as a production assistant. He was a production assistant in an advertising agency. After working for almost 11 years in the field of advertising, Kunal started his career as a stand-up comedian. In the year 2013, he presented his first program.

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