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Woman denied seat in train because she was wearing hijab

02:21 PM Mar 16, 2022 IST | Ground report
woman denied seat in train because she was wearing hijab

Ground Report | New Delhi: Woman wearing hijab; A Man on Thursday alleged that his wife was denied a seat on a local train for wearing a ‘Hijab’ (veil worn by Muslim woman) in Mumbai.

Talking to the micro-blogging platform Twitter, Dr Parvez Mandviwala wrote ‘My wife was denied a seat in a local train today because she was wearing a #Hijab. A gentleman vacated his seat for her, but other passengers insisted some sari-clad ladies take the seat instead, despite the fact that my wife was carrying our infant child…’


In another Tweet, Dr Parvez Mandviwala said ‘ I understand that some people in the comment section are finding it hard to believe that this incident actually happened. They are saying its fake because it is indeed hard to digest that such a thing could happen in Mumbai. I and my wife are equally shocked and disgusted’.

In Karnataka, Muslim students and their parents staged a protest on February 5 against the ban on wearing hijab by Muslim students in educational institutions.


The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which represents Muslim countries, has publicly condemned the genocide of Muslims by Hindutva in India, the alleged incidents of harassment of Muslim women on social media and the hijab of Muslim women in Karnataka. Expressed serious concern over the ban on wearing.

The OIC tweet called on the international community, particularly the UN Human Rights Council, to take the necessary steps.

‘The OIC General Secretariat once again calls on India to ensure the safety and security of the Muslim community and to bring to justice those who have committed violent and hate crimes,’ the statement said.

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