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Woman gang-raped in Kerala, main accused had friendship online

12:28 PM Sep 11, 2021 IST | Ground report
woman gang raped in kerala  main accused had friendship online

Ground Report | New Delhi: Woman gang-raped in Kerala; A case of gang rape has come to light in Kozhikode, Kerala. A 28-year-old woman who met a man online after travelling 300 km was gang-raped by the man and three of his friends in Kerala’s Kozhikode. The victim got acquainted with the main accused online. The accused had also made a video of the gang rape.

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Woman gang-raped in Kerala

The Hindustan Times report quoted the police as saying that the accused first made the woman unhappy by intoxicating her. When the woman regained consciousness, the accused asked her to keep quiet by threatening to make the video and photo of the rape viral.

After this, the accused dropped the woman near a private hospital. The hospital informed the police about the woman, after which the victim gave the phone number of one of the accused. On the basis of this phone number and other information, the police got successful in reaching the accused.


The woman, a resident of Kollam in South Kerala, was in touch with Anas on social media for nearly two years. Anas insists that they meet and invite her to come to Kozhikode. He finally made the trip on Thursday.


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Forced woman to drink alcohol

He took her to a flat in the city, his friends later joined. The accused first forced the woman to drink alcohol and then some intoxicants and then raped her one by one.


According to police officer Sudarshan, two suspects including P Anas, the person she met online and recorded the short video streaming smartphone application TikTok, have been apprehended. While the police officer said, they have some information about the two absconding people, and they will take them into custody soon.

Meanwhile, the incident started months back as the woman, a resident of Kollam in Kerala, was in touch with Anas through social media for nearly two years. Anas insists on meeting her and asks her to go to Kozhikode. She finally arrived on Thursday. He then took her to a flat in the city, where later his other friends also joined. The accused assaulted the victim one by one to consume alcohol and then some intoxicants.

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