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Destruction by a violent storm in Majorca, No early warning?

02:45 PM Aug 28, 2023 IST | Ground Report
destruction by a violent storm in majorca  no early warning

Strong winds and heavy rains hit Spain's Majorca coast, affecting popular places like the Balearic Islands. The winds were really fast, up to 120 km/h, and there was lots of rain and hail. This caused damage and problems with flights.

The Balearic islands, Catalonia, and Valencia were all under a warning from the national weather agency. A big cruise ship pushed into an oil tanker, causing injuries to six people. In addition, fallen trees and flooded streets resulted in people getting hurt.


Hurricane-force winds and torrential rain are battering the island along with its neighbors Ibiza and Menorca. The Balearics and parts of Catalonia in Spain's north-east have extended weather warnings for wind and stormy seas into Monday.

This morning, the extreme weather gave a frighteningly close look to thousands of people sailing on the P&O ship Britannia, which is based in Southampton.


Fierce storms hit Majorca

The Majorca Daily Bulletin reported that they recorded 84 storm-related incidents in the space of just one hour today (27 August) as hurricane-force winds, reaching more than 75mph, hit Mallorca. According to the publication, Palma had 49 of the incidents, and Calvia had 24.

Sun loungers flying around beaches and swimming pools forced British holidaymakers on the island to run for shelter, leaving some hotel resorts barely recognisable.


Majorca Palma Airport to Stansted, with kids. Photo credit: Twitter/@d2001d2001

People have even seen palm trees crashing down and flying debris soaring across resorts while struggling to drive amid poor visibility.

The weather has caused the cancellation or diversion of more than 100 flights at Palma, Ibiza, and Menorca so far.


Mallorca, shaken by strong storms

Strong storms and hurricane-force winds shook the island this past Sunday, leaving a total of 366 incidents in the Balearic Islands, 332 in Mallorca, up to 8.30pm. The emergency services will provide updated information during the day.

Effects of the blowout in the area of ​​Portals and Cala Mayor. Falling trees, sunken ships, damage to roofs and windows. Photo credit: Twitter/@Ratnesh_speaks

Around 10:30 AM, a strong wind and rain hit Andratx and Calvia, causing problems and making emergencies more challenging. At sea, issues arose and the Malgrats Islands saved canoeists. This was just the beginning - boats sank, people rushed to escape the storm, and a cruise ship hit an oil tanker in Port of Palma. No one got hurt fortunately.

A storm damaged the front of a bullring in Felanitx, and Soller experienced a rapid downpour. A fallen sign struck a pregnant woman in Calvia, and a platform from a tall building in Palma was on the verge of falling. Palma's airport experienced numerous flight cancellations, cars sustained damage, and some individuals suffered minor injuries. The storm gradually subsided around 2 PM, but rain persisted throughout the afternoon as anticipated.

Strong wind hit Soller and Port

Soller and the Port suffered the full consequences caused by the storm. In a short space of time, a 'cap de fibló' shook different parts of the area and caused several trees to fall. Falling trees and branches led to the closure of four streets in the Port and Sóller the next morning. These streets included Carrer Mestral, Carrer Tramuntana, and the road leading to the Cooperativa de Sant Bartomeu.

The heavy rain poured rapidly, causing flooding, especially in the commercial areas and garages of the Port. Streets like sa Ma also flooded as the sewer system couldn't manage the water, partly due to fallen branches and leaves.

Furthermore, strong wind toppled traffic signs and trash bins. Darder stated that the Municipal Market entrance closed due to the risk of the false ceiling collapsing.

The storm also affected Felanitx. Around 11:30 AM, wind and rain intensified. A landslide occurred on the front of La Macarena bullring, scattering stones across the road. Local Police confirmed no injuries, but the traffic got blocked.

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