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Who is Ivan Claudio Rosero key suspect in Lebanon triple homicide?

11:24 AM Jun 08, 2023 IST | Ground Report
who is ivan claudio rosero key suspect in lebanon triple homicide

Ivan Claudio Rosero, 27, came under the spotlight after his arrest by the US Marshals Service in connection with a tragic incident in Lebanon. Rosero, along with two other suspects, including a minor, was arrested for his alleged involvement in a triple murder that occurred on May 30.

The Lebanon County District Attorney's Office has announced its intention to seek the death penalty against Rosero and the other adult suspect.


The triple homicide, which claimed the lives of Sebastián Pérez-Salomé (9), Jesús Pérez-Salomé (8) and Josué Lugo-Pérez (19), shook the community. Two other suspects, Torres-Santos and Fernández-Reyes, have already been charged with multiple counts of criminal homicide, conspiracy and weapons-related offenses. They were charged with aggravated assault for wounding Louis Cancel, who was struck by a stray bullet during the shootout.

The shooting appears to have been directed at Joshua Lugo-Perez, as authorities believe it was due to an earlier argument. Although Lugo-Perez lived with the children in the house where the incident occurred, he was not related to them.


After the shooting, Rosero fled the scene in a white BMW, which investigators later connected to his girlfriend. This prompted law enforcement agencies to conduct an intensive statewide search, which ultimately led US Marshals to Philadelphia, where they located Rosero and took him into custody without incident. At the time of his arrest, Rosero was found in possession of the car keys and the BMW was found nearby.


During questioning, Rosero confessed to driving himself and the other shooters to the home in Lebanon and admitted to firing multiple shots, according to a news release from the Lebanon County District Attorney's Office.


Prosecutors expressed their gratitude for the arrest of all the suspects involved in the case, emphasizing the importance of seeking justice in situations where children are killed and communities are devastated by senseless gun violence.


Rosero, along with his accomplices, Alex Torres Santos (22) and a 16-year-old boy, face charges that include intentional homicide, conspiracy to commit a crime and other related crimes. All three remain in custody pending further legal proceedings.

Rosero's girlfriend, Tiffany Koziara, was charged with hindering the arrest of a fugitive after allegedly providing false information about her contact with Rosero and reserving a hotel room for both of them during authorities' search. Koziara is being held on $250,000 bail.

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