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Why Cameron Robbins jumped off a cruise ship and then what went wrong?

03:01 PM May 31, 2023 IST | Ground report
why cameron robbins jumped off a cruise ship and then what went wrong

Cameron Robbins, 18, disappeared after participating in a challenge during a boating excursion in the Bahamas on May 24, 2023. The reason behind this irrational move was reportedly a challenge given to Cameron by his friends. The teenager disappeared after the jump and search efforts were underway to rescue him.

Video captured the moment Robbins jumped overboard from a specified distance away from the boat. Robbins is a student at the University's Laboratory School, and the institute's director, Kevin George, expressed concern for his safety.


The school community is deeply concerned and additional counselors are available to help students and teachers process this distressing news. The Robbins family is in contact with both George and the authorities, who work together to track down Cameron.

The incident occurred during a trip organized by Istours, and while they refrain from commenting on the details, they offer their thoughts and prayers to the Robbins family during this difficult time.


Witnesses reported that Robbins jumped into the ocean near Athol Island around 9:40 p.m. Despite the efforts of the cruise ship's crew and subsequent search and rescue missions involving the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and Coast Guard, Robbins could not be found.


The search was eventually called off due to difficult weather conditions. GradWeek, the company that organized the trip, expressed its condolences to the Robbins family and referred to the ongoing investigation by Bahamian authorities for more details.


Robbins High School expressed its sincere condolences to him, describing him as a beloved student who had attended the school for 13 years. Robbins' family arrived in the Bahamas and prayer vigils were held in his honor. This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved, particularly his family, who have suffered a devastating loss.


The search was called off the night of May 26, 2023. According to a friend of Robbins's family, a US lawmaker helped them organize helicopters and planes to continue searching for Robbins.

Cameron Robbins finished his graduation from University Laboratory School on May 21, 2023. According to U-High baseball coach Justin Morgan, Cameron was everyone's favorite and the best player on the baseball field. He added that the school community currently hopes for the best and his thoughts and prayers will always be with the Cameron family.

Passengers onboard were stunned Cameron jumped off as one person can be heard saying "This kid f****** jumped off!"

Another said, "Oh my f****** god. Oh, shut the f*** up. Oh, bye...bye... Oh ... s***!"

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to support the Cameron Robbins family during this incredibly challenging time. The fundraiser recognizes Cameron's mother, Shari, as an extraordinary teacher whose kindness and dedication have positively impacted numerous children throughout her career.

The page urges people to donate and share the fundraiser to help Shari and her family get through this unimaginable situation. The devastated family continues to pray and hold on to the hope of Cameron's safe return, while asking for continued prayers for the entire family.

Cameron's baseball coach Justin Morgan pays tribute to him, describing him as a fiercely competitive individual who is deeply loved by his teammates, teachers and classmates. The school community is currently dealing with this heartbreaking situation, but remains optimistic for the best possible outcome. We extend our thoughts and prayers to the Robbins family during this difficult time.

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